How To Create Website Chatbot For Free

Chatbots has brought revolutionary change in how companies used to handle their customers over the internet. 

By now you must be aware of what exactly is a chatbot.

If not let’s see what Google says about it:

“A chatbot is a robot with artificial intelligence which stimulates conversation with visitors on the internet.”

I am using a chatbot too.

 If you see bottom right corner of my website.

It’s not me sitting online, it’s the bot.

It’s not possible for a human to sit 24×7 online waiting for visitors to ask their query, or to guide them through the website.

A chatbot can do that for you while you are busy optimising your website or relaxing at night.

There are many websites which provide Chatbot integration for free.

All you have to do is feed in a couple of generic questions & answers your customers ask, into the tool. 

Integrate it with your website and you are done.

Let’s quickly check the free Chatbot tools

1. FlowXo

It’s completely free. Signup and start using FlowXo. 

It provides you with a number of templates.



Whether you are an e-commerce website, restaurant, hotel, movie booking websites, or any other business.

This tool is suitable for any type of business. All you have to do select the template and feed in your Q&A.
Check out FlowXo features here.

2. BotKit

BotKit is another free tool which can be used by developers to build conversational software for Slack, the Facebook Messenger and more.

You will get access to a full suite of tool that will give you everything you need to create and manage your own bot.

3. OptinChat

It is one of the simplest tools which I am currently using. 

There are more features to come yet in OptinChat.

This chatbot can be used if you want to increase your subscription list.

Check it here.

4. Telegram Bot

Telegram bot is an open sourced chatbot code. 

The third party can integrate and create bots of their own.

It can send customised notification, news, alerts.


These are a few easy to use chatbots which you can integrate on your website without writing a single piece of code.

Check out my blog post on 27 Immediate Tricks To Boost Website Traffic and let chatbot handle the rest.

You can try these tools as well and see what works best for your business: 


I would love to know the Chatbot you are using for your website in the comment below.


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  1. This piece makes me excited to try out these tools for my organization, looking forward to more reviews on AI and Robotics.

  2. This stuff is very well written. The blog post was helpful to elocutionists who have a good worth for articles. We looking ahead for even more of the same. He has detailed each and everything extremely beautifully and in brief.

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