Fun Ways To Improve Content Writing Skills

I had a problem with my content writing skills or you can say article writing.

Always used to think from where should I start.

I kept on reading blogs and articles on how to write, how to express what I am thinking, in words but soon realised that I am going nowhere, not even close to writing.

I was still stuck at the same question “What should be the first word of my content?”

And even if I manage to write the first word, what will come next, and next, and finally how will I frame my first sentence.

It reminded me of school days when I was given essays and my teacher used to say “write this essay in not more than 150 words.”

And I was like:

content writing skills

Well, that time writing a 150-word essay was like I was being asked to break the rock with my bare hands.

I was advised to complete this task as soon as possible else I will not be allowed to play with my friends.

The same thing is happening with content writing in today’s industry.

People advise writing as much content as possible else Google will not allow you to rank on their SERP.

I feel like the same scared baby I was in my school, where my teacher has been replaced by Google, my pen and paper has been replaced by a laptop.

All this made me think of only one thing: What exactly is content made of?

It is a combination of alphabets which creates beautiful words and sentences.

All I have to do is organise it according to my thought process, what I am thinking and what I want to communicate I just have to put it in words.

I started noticing everything around me and it inspired me, motivated me to just speak my mind out.

Improve Your Content Writing Skills – The What?

What should you do?

You don’t have to take extra time out of your busy schedule just to improve your content writing skills.

Many blogs discuss content writing is all about SEO ranking, search engine, read this book read that book….. blah blah blah.

Well, they are right from their point of view.

Obviously, they will not advise you wrong. 

After all, SEO is vital for your content.

But think about this:

(a) Is content all about SEO and bringing traffic to the website?

(b) Isn’t it about correct grammar and spellings?

(c) Isn’t it about making content interesting and adding a bit humour so that readers will enjoy reading.

I personally believe in point (b) and (c).

But how can I add humour? And what to do if I make spelling mistakes and grammatical error.

Don’t worry, all your questions will get answered in this blog.

Before that, I would request you to keep all other blogs aside for some time and focus on just one thing: “YOUR SURROUNDING”

Wherever you are, you will always find something to read even if it’s a single word. 

Whether it’s a billboard or building or someone passing by with printed text on his/her t-shirt.

Read Your Surrounding

Look around I am sure you will be surrounded by either a letter or some word or sentence, even a paragraph.

Whatever you find, read it.

If you are alone read it out loud.

If you are in a crowded area read it in your mind.

But read.

Do you know why did I ask you to read?

It’s because, when you read your mind processes each and every word. You understand the meaning, learn the spelling of that word.

If it’s a sentence then read it to see how the sentence is put up together grammatically.

You go to the grocery store on a regular basis, and when you find a new product, you read all the important things like ingredients, how to cook it and so on. Right?

Next time when you visit a grocery store and pick up a product to read text written on the package, pay a bit attention to each and every word and see how beautifully every important detail has been mentioned in that small area.

You have an advantage on the internet Because you have a wide area where you can explain your product in detail.

We tend to ignore these small things but our surrounding is a huge resource and it will teach you many things which can help in improving your grammar.

You can use it to write a better content.

Of course, you can not copy someone else’s work, but you will surely get an idea on how to mix and match words to create your own sentence.

Improve Your Content Writing Skills – The How?

How to improve?

This requires a bit of effort but it’s worth it.

What do you do when you travel to the office or your hometown or anywhere?

You watch something on mobile, either a movie or a TV series on your way. 

Or you keep something in your backpack like novel or magazine or newspaper to read so that you do not get bored.

Now let’s see how you use these to improve your content writing skills.

Let’s start with mobile:

Watch “Game Of Thrones” with SUBTITLES


Image Source:

They have released their 7th season recently and if you have not watched it yet then it’s sad.

You must be thinking, how come Game of Thrones came into the picture.

I am here to know how to improve my content writing skills not to watch a series.

Before you jump to a conclusion that Chhavi is joking and she is not at all serious about this blog post.

Let me tell you I am damn serious.

Go back and read again: I have written subtitles in capital letters. Do you know why?

Because scriptwriters are damn good at their grammar.

Watching TV series or movies with subtitles (like I do) will help you to improve your grammar as well as learn how to frame a sentence.

Actually Game Of Thrones is one of my favourite series so it popped into my mind first. 

But you can watch any of the series or movies you like but do watch it with subtitles.

Maybe you are a master in writing, and you never make any grammatical mistake but there is no harm in watching with subtitles.

You will, in fact, learn as you watch. 

And who knows maybe you will come across a particular word, you were struggling with like whether to put “A” or “The” before that word and a TV series or a movie just solved it for you.

I feel content writing is the only skill which you can learn all the time wherever you go and whenever you want because knowledge and entertainment are combined.

Same goes with novels, magazines and newspaper.

Not everyone loves reading novels because it doesn’t have images in it. Only text.

Some of my friends find it scary and their feedback is:

“How can someone read such a thick novel without any image in it. It’s boring.”

Whatever their feedback is they did not deny the fact that it is another great resource of grammar and spellings and way towards success.

If you are a fan of movies and series don’t change your preference, stick to it and same goes for novel lovers as well.

Both mobile and novels (and any other reading material) are great sources to improve your content writing skills.


Google is a teacher because it checks your content and then ranks the page according to the search results.

But of course, Google is not like a school teacher who will restrict to start the first sentence of your article with specific a word only.

So I would advise you, don’t think too much, just write.

Whatever you think you should start your sentence with, just start without giving it much thought.

But after you complete your writing and before you hit publish, make sure to read your article to check any spelling mistakes and grammatical error.

This is one of the best practice because sometimes we make typing errors.

You can take the help of Grammarly like I do, it helps me to correct my grammar and spelling mistakes.

Install the Grammarly plugin in chrome and it will guide you when you make a mistake in your article.

Feel free to leave a comment below if you have any questions.


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