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5 Content Marketing Elements For Organizational Success

The success of content marketing for an organization varies with respect to the audience they are trying to target.

Content is consumed either in the form of article, infographic, videos or images.

Organizations produce content according to the requirement of their audience.

For example, a software company can explain its product better in the form of video or a manual, because that is the type of content their target audience may look for.

A healthcare company can provide tips on how to remain fit and energetic all day by writing blogs about fitness because this is the type of content a visitor may expect from a healthcare company.

Whichever type of company you are in, the elements of content marketing will remain the same for any type of organization.

Let’s check the 5 core elements of content marketing that will help any organization to succeed:


content creation and curation

Create and Curate content.

Create unique content which appeals to your customers. Understand your audience and their pain point.

Interview your customers to understand the difficulties they face with your product, this will help you to understand what type of content you should develop.

You will even get a topic to write about.

Your main focus should not be to write for the whole world, instead, for your audience and customers, even if you have a few.

If you solve your customer’s problem they will spread the word of mouth and you will surely get more customers in time to come.

So target your current customers and solve their issues before you go out to conquer the world.

As the saying goes:

“A great warrior solves the problem of his people first before he goes out to conquer the world.”

Talk to your sales person, your customer support executives to understand the common queries customers have and build your content around it.

Your customers would love to read your blog if you give them the solution through content or, infographic, advertisement, video, text, email and so on.

If you are a startup and still struggling to get customers, do a market survey, have a close look at what your competitors are publishing.

Attend seminars, conduct webinars to know your customers better.

You will come up with topics on what you should build your content around.

Content curation involves finding articles relevant to your target audience and sharing it through your communication channel.

There are many tools to help you with your content curation.

Hubspot has explained different curation tools you can use for your content marketing strategy. You can check out the full article here.



content management



Organize your content i.e. text, infographics, images, videos and store them in your content management systems (if you are using one) from where it can be used for republishing in different channels.

If you do not have a content management system in place you can still organize it on your desktop or laptop by creating separate folders.

The best way to manage your content is by saving it in google drive like I do so that it remains accessible at all time.


content distribution


You can distribute your content on different channels either through earned media, paid media or owned media.

Earned Media: Write guest posts, conduct webinars to educate your audience, hang out on LinkedIn, Quora or any other forums to know what your audience is talking about your industry.

Answer their query in the comment section. Understand their pain point and write blog articles based on their query.

All this builds trust among the audience and they start following you and are more likely to purchase from you.

Paid Media: Use PPC method, display ads, social media ads to create awareness about your brand.

Owned Media: Work on your website, mobile and blog site, social media channels. Add creatives and make it user-friendly, so that your customers do not have to struggle to find something on your site.


content optimization


Improve your content performance through On-page and Off-page optimization. Use long tail keywords.

Optimize your heading tag, meta description.

Read the full article on 11 Efficient SEO Tips For Businesses to know more about how you can optimize your content.


content analysis


Track and measure your content performance through key metrics.

The metrics may include page views, downloads, leads, traffic, age group, country, city or any other metrics which you feel is important for your business.

Analyze your data to understand which content is performing better.

This will give you an idea of what type of content your audience is engaging with.

Type here means whether your audience is engaging with infographics, or videos, or advertisements, or only blog post.

Once you have the data, you can now produce the content in the form your audience wants.

Key Takeaways

In nutshell 5 core elements of content marketing you can apply to any type of businesses are:

(a) Create and Curate Content

  • Audience consume content in the form of text, audio, video, and visuals.
  • Understand your audience pain point and solve their query in the form of content.
  • Use content curation tools to educate your audience

(b) Manage Content

  • Organize your images, videos, infographics in google drive or any content management system you are using.
  • This will help you to easily access and reuse these contents for publishing it in different social media channels.

(c) Content Distribution

  • Earned media: guest posts, share your experience by commenting on articles, blogs, and your industry forums.
  • Paid media: Advertise your product, Use PPC method, use display ads and social media ads to create awareness.
  • Owned media: Work on your website, mobile and blog site, check its load speed.

(d) Content Optimization

  • Work on your long tail keywords
  • Optimize title tag, meta description

(e) Content Analysis

  • Check your major KPI’s.
  • Find out what type of content is working best for your business and stick to it.


Hope this article was helpful. Feel free to share your views in the comment below.

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