27 Immediate Tricks To Boost Website Traffic

Ah! A fresh new day, lovely weather, you get up with a goal for your website. 

Today you are going to implement few things that will boost website traffic and make your boss happy.

You get ready, all set to go to the office and get stuck in traffic, well that’s quite irritating right?. We all hate traffic, but we love to generate website traffic.

We try to avoid road traffic, but we apply all digital marketing tactics to increase website traffic.

The more traffic we get on our website the happier we are.

But it’s vice versa on road, isn’t it funny :).

How to immediately boost website traffic is the biggest concern of every marketer, B2B & B2C business owners and entrepreneurs.

Sometimes we miss out on small things which quickly increase website traffic. We keep on trying different methods, learn new strategies and forget the old ones.

I am going to discuss those strategies which many marketers miss out. 

let’s check out 27 immediate tricks to boost website traffic.


  1. On-page SEO

Some marketers think SEO is a waste of time and does not drive traffic.

But like other marketers, don’t make a mistake of ignoring on-page  SEO, especially if your website is new, companies still use on page SEO to rank on organic search results, so should you. 

Following is the On-page SEO checklist, recall if you have implemented them right. 

If not I would recommend you to implement it, you will surely see improvement in traffic.

  • Put relevant keyword in your title tag
  • Do you have SEO friendly URLs? If not, you need to change it.
  • Don’t forget to wrap your title around SEO’s favourite <H1> tag and sub-headings with <H2> tag
  • Mention your keyword in the first 100 words of your content.
  • Use at least 2 internal links in your content, make sure your image has a proper alt tag with targeted keywords.
  • Check your site speed, record it’s load time.
  • Do attach social sharing buttons


  1. Write long content

Google loves long content. 

According to the experts, your content length should be more than 1500 words

Longer the content, better are the chances it will rank in SERP. 

Googlebot crawls each and every link, word, images, title, headings and subheading. 

So make sure your content is written specifically for your target audience.

SERPIQ conducted a research to find out how much content does the ranking pages have and the results are astonishing.

SerpIQ content length data analysis


  1. Are you targeting Long Tail Keywords?

If you have selected long tail keywords then you are correctly targeting your audience because when they search on Google your chance of ranking on SERP increases and thus makes your target audience click on your link. 

This is a very important part which will help you to drive traffic to your website.  


  1. Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is another method which will help you to increase your website traffic.

Many authorised guest blogging websites allow you to give backlinks to your website. 

You can use this opportunity to redirect the traffic to your own website.

Make sure you read the guidelines on their website before you opt for guest blogging. 

Some websites allow backlinks and some don’t so choose carefully.


  1. Build Quality Content By Blogging

Blogging does not mean posting 100s and 1000s of blogs in a week. 

Blogging is about quality content. Even if your target is to write 1 blog per week, make sure it’s worth it, rather than posting 10s and 100s of blogs which are irrelevant to your audience.

To know more about developing quality content you can refer

3 Easy Steps To Generate High-Quality Content

Do proper research, understand your audience and answer their queries in the form of a blog.

Quality content means providing the solution to your target audience, it’s not about you, it’s not about Google search, it’s about your audience.


  1. Write data-driven articles

Data-driven articles attract attention and it builds trust. 

You can conduct your own search and put down your findings or you can refer to some source to back up your blog article. 

Mentioning your own findings in the blog post, sharing your learnings with data-driven approach will attract more visitors to your website and your post will become engaging.

Even if you have failed at some point do share that experience with your audience, so that they can relate themselves to you. 

Remember your audience come to you to learn something.


  1. Internal Linking

Internal linking is one of the best SEO practice, this will help your audience to navigate through the website. One of the best examples of internal linking is Wikipedia.

wikipedia image


  1. Be Social

Put social share buttons at the top or bottom of the blog post, on the website and in an email signature. 

Do not add to many social sharing buttons. You know your target audience is on which platform, so put the sharing button accordingly.


  1. Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the best ways to bring customers back to the website. It also helps in nurturing the leads.

Don’t you feel happy when you receive email addressed to you?

Your customers will feel the same. They feel happy that you remember them and care for them. Brainstorm on the best email subject line to increase the email open rate.


  1. Is your website fast enough?

Site speed matters a lot and is one of the Google ranking factors especially on mobile.

Radware’s 2014 State of the Union for Mobile eCommerce performed a research and found out that even 1 second delay in site load speed can affect your conversion, bounce rate, traffic and page views.

Radware’s 2014 State of the Union for Mobile eCommerce


  1. Reply to Comments

You must be thinking whether it’s worth replying to each and every comment. Well, it is.

Replying to comments increases your website traffic, sales, trust and you can build a healthy relationship with your audience.

Your audience gets emotionally attached to you because they know you are on the other side listening to them. They count on you to solve any query they have.

So, actively engage with your audience, read their comments and reply to them. This is one of the best ways to know your audience.


  1. Target Lookalike Audience on Facebook

Obviously, you should have a page for your website, where you can select your target country, target audience, industry and much more. 

Make sure you have your Facebook link in the email signature.

A Proper call to action on the Facebook page helps a lot. For example, Shopify is an e-commerce website platform and if I search for it on Facebook it’s page is beautifully set wit a proper call to action.

Shopify FB imageSource: https://www.facebook.com/shopify/?ref=br_rs

The main aim of Shopify is to make it visitors sign-up when they come to their Facebook page and so they have kept their Call To Action button accordingly.

Target lookalike audience on Facebook. 

Lookalike audience is the one who shares similar interest as your current target audience.

Facebook lookalike audience

This is one of the best features to target a new set of audience and boost website traffic.


  1. Post Frequently on LinkedIn

Post your content on LinkedIn. 

LinkedIn is one of the best platforms to promote any kind of business. 

In fact, according to the experts, you should post frequently on LinkedIn to boost your website traffic and increase your profile visibility.

You can even increase your connection by posting and replying to comments on LinkedIn.


  1. Twitter Marketing

Marketing on social media is different for every platform. 

For Twitter, you have to keep the title short and precise.

Use statistics and hashtags to support your statement. If someone mentions your blog on Twitter, you can retweet their tweet to increase your content visibility. 

You can even ask your connection to retweet your post. Use appealing images in your post to attract attention.

Use these steps to increase your traffic from Twitter.


  1. Do some research on your competitors

You know who your competitors are, visit their website, put keywords in Google search to check your competitors rank on SERP. 

You will get some keyword ideas your competitor is using, you can use these ideas to create your own set of keywords to rank higher in the search result page.


  1. Insert videos

According to Cisco’s Visual Networking Index, video traffic will increase to 82% by 2021 from 73% in 2016. 

The popularity of the video has increased and it makes the content more engaging. The live video traffic is expected to increase to threefold by 2021.

So according to this data, you can conduct live campaigns and share it on your website or use YouTube as a platform to drive traffic when it comes to video uploading and sharing.  


  1. Build A Responsive website

A responsive website is user-friendly and looks good, whether you open it on your desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile.

You know your website is responsive when it adjusts according to the space of the screen.

Google is a great fan of the responsive website. Though ranking is not much affected, it does hamper user experience and so your website rank will go down if customers are leaving your website, just because it is unresponsive.

So it is always recommended to have a responsive website, not for Google to rank you at the top in search results but for your customers.

If your customers are happy, Google will be happy too.


  1. Host Free Webinars

Webinars can boost your website traffic if you target the right audience. 

You can work on webinar titles, mention the name and background of guest speakers while sending promotional emails and advertisements, this will attract attention and draw people to sign up for webinars. 

Tell your audience beforehand about the knowledge and industry experience which is going to be shared.

Prepare your audience by sending them reading materials related to the webinar topic, to make the webinar engaging. 

Ask your audience to invite friends or colleagues for the webinar. This alone will boost your website traffic.


  1.  Optimise Landing Page

You have advertised on social media platform, sent thousands of emails to your subscribers, now you are waiting for your audience to come to your website.

But wait! Have you customised your landing page, when someone clicks on your ad or your email, which page you want your visitor to see first?

And when they are on your website what action do you want them to take? Before you send emails and advertise your campaign, you should have a proper landing page.

If you are an e-commerce website and you have launched a new t-shirt for men, then your landing page should speak about it and it should have a proper call to action button such as “BUY NOW”

If you are a blogging website, your main aim is to get more subscribers, but people are not going to subscribe until and unless you offer them something in return. So you can have a landing page saying “Subscribe To Get Free Digital Marketing Ebook For Beginners.”

Understand your industry and optimise your landing page accordingly. A small change in landing page can bring a great impact to your business.

Let’s check out how Vendio increase their sign-up to 60% by improving their landing page.

The main goal of  Vendio was to make visitors sign-up their form, but they saw a decreasing sign-up conversion rate. Below is the form they used earlier.


After making some changes in the form the improved version saw 60% increase in sign-up. Below is the improved version:

vendio improved

You can see the difference, I have highlighted in yellow. 

In the first image, the message is not clear, it looks like they want their visitors to sign-up immediately, their USP is “100% Free e-commerce website”, which is not clear in the first image as the message font is small. 

But in the second image they have focused on their USP and clearly mentioned the benefits they are providing and then they have asked their visitors to sign-up. 

So if the visitor is interested, he/she will click on sign-up now to fill in the details. It looks appealing.

Source: http://blog.wishpond.com/post/82200561072/5-landing-page-case-studies-the-how-and-why


  1. Provide free ebooks

Who doesn’t love free stuff?. Especially if it is something which will benefit your audience in long run.

Provide free ebooks to your audience, go some extra mile to know your audience and educate them about say “the new marketing strategies companies are following”, or new product, or service you are going to launch.

For example, you can give them free powerpoint presentation template, or a pdf containing key elements of your blog which they can read in their spare time. Or some other ebooks related to the topic free of cost.

Another advantage of giving out free stuff is your number of subscribers will increase.


  1. Subscription option

Make sure your website has a subscription option so that visitors can sign-up to receive newsletters from your industry. Most of it I have explained in point number 19.

One important point you should keep in mind is to make subscription form as double opt-in.

The double opt-in form sends an email to the subscriber asking them to confirm if they want to join you and their subscription gets confirmed only when they click on the confirmation link.

This is safe because the visitor has willingly accepted to receive emails from you and thus there is a less chance they will mark your mail as spam.


  1. Answer Questions

Visit Quora or Yahoo Answers to reply to comments in your niche. Share your blog link to back up your answer and see your website traffic grow.


  1. Comment on industry blog

You can share your thought and experience by commenting on the industry blog, this is a best practice because this way people will know you and will surely follow you. 

You can share your blog link to support your comment. This, in turn, will help you to drive traffic to your own website.


  1. Advertise

Online advertising will instantly increase website traffic if you target the right audience. 

Test your advertisement on different social media platform and analyse the results. 

Ad quality matters a lot so make your ad keeping audience in mind, so that when they look at your ad they know what exactly you are trying to communicate. 

Keep the message short and clear.


  1. Is XML Sitemap in place?

If your website is missing XML sitemap, make sure you put it right away. 

Sitemap helps Google crawler to crawl every single page of your website and save a copy of it on their server. 

A sitemap makes the work of Google crawler easy by listing all the pages of your website in one place. 

This way Google never misses crawling freshly generated pages. If any page of your website is missing from Google server it will surely not show up in search result page.


  1. Post During Peak Hours

Hubspot conducted a research and found out that the peak hour is one of the most important factors which drive traffic to a website. 

Though there is no hard and fast rule defined for posting on social media only at a specific time, you can always test which time works best for your post and attracts customers to your website. 

Meanwhile, let’s see the timings Hubspot has suggested:

  • Facebook

    12 pm – 1 pm on Saturdays and Sundays

       3 pm – 4 pm on Wednesdays

       1 pm – 4 pm on Thursdays and Fridays

  • Twitter

      12 pm – 3 pm from Monday to Friday

       5 pm – 6 pm on Wednesdays

  • LinkedIn

      7:30 am – 8:30 am, 12 pm and 5 pm – 6 pm on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays

      10 am – 11 am on Tuesdays

  • Pinterest

      2 am – 4 am and evening hours everyday

      5 pm on Fridays

      8 pm – 11 pm on Saturdays

  • Instagram

      Anytime from Monday to Thursday except between 3 pm – 4 pm.


  1. Build Network In Your Industry

Talk to experts in your industry. Build a strong network, attend seminars, conferences, webinars, and read blogs.

It will give you ideas and you will come to know the latest marketing strategy industries are implementing to increase traffic. 

Once you have a good network connection you can ask people to guest post on your blog.

This is a long process and requires time, so it’s the last point in my blog. Though it is a time taking process and needs lots of effort, still it is one of the fruitful methods.

All your time and effort will pay off and the results will astonish you.



After reading this post, you must have understood by now, on which point you were missing out.

Go ahead and implement these 27 immediate steps to boost website traffic and take your website to the next level.

I am using the above tactics to increase my website traffic. What about you?. I would love to know any other marketing strategies you are using in the comment below.

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